Welcome to the tropical fishery we hope that you enjoy your stay with us, we have to be one of the biggest tropical fishkeeping website site on the internet. If you cant find what you are looking for here then we bet our last dollar you wont find it anywhere else. The people that help run this website are keen tropical fishkeepers so what you see here has been tested and will work, you have our word on that.

We are not like the other tropical fish websites out there on the net, we are 100% real and the information that you will see on our site is 100% straight to the point, you wont find any fluff here.

We offer an ebook here on our site, and you have our word that after you buy this ebook you will never have to buy another ebook on tropical fishkeeping again. What will you find on this site? good question. You will find just about everything that a tropical fishkeeper could ever want to know.

From setting up your first tropical fish tank to tropical fish farms, we also have sections on fish care, fish food, fish diseases, fish tank lighting the list goes on.

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We have taken our time to make sure that this website was 100% right and that the information that we put on here will be 100% true. Ok back to business, if you are thinking about taking up the hobby of fishkeeping you have came to the right site, if you are already a fishkeeper i will say you have come to the right site also, and by the time you leave us you will have learned something new.


Anyone can start fishkeeping, but you have to remember that fishkeeping will take up some of your time as their are things that have to be done. For example water changes, feeding not to mention the others. In saying that if you only have 20 minutes a day sure you still can keep fish, as fish are not like the domestic pet. Most people keep fish as they find it relaxing to watch them swim around the tank. Before you buy one single fish you need to do some research on the breeds that you wish to keep, and what type of habitat they like to live in.

As a general rule when adding fish to your fish tank is not to buy any fish smaller than the largest mouth fish that you already have in the tank, as a good chance it wont be there the next time you look in the tank. Larger fish tend to make a meal of smaller fish.


Tropical Fish eBook

Tropical Fish eBook 

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