Are you looking for high quality African tropical fish? There are a wide selection of gorgeous tropical freshwater fish from this area. Here are a few examples of the different species available and how they can make a welcome addition to any tank.

One of the most famous African tropical fish would have to be the cichlids. This includes jewel cichlids, Congo dwarf cichlids, and African Butterfly cichlids. Also included are a variety of cichlids from the Rift Valley, including the Peacock cichlid, Fuelleborn cichlid, and several others. These species of fish are renowned for being a variety of vivid colors, but quite aggressive as well. Not only will they not tolerate others of the same species in their tank, but they might even attack fish that have similar colors of patterns.

When purchasing any of these African tropical fish, it's crucial to make sure that they're compatible with the other fish in your tank, or you risk causing serious injury to your fish, not to mention a lot of stress for the cichlid. Cichlids of this type are also known for keeping their eggs in their mouth when breeding. Also included in the cichlid family is the vibrant Kribensis, a bottom dwelling fish that, unlike its cousins, is surprisingly mellow and easy to take care of.

Another type of African tropical fish not in the cichlid family would have to be the Tropical Fisherykillifishes. These fish are famous for their characteristic bright colors, stripes, and spots. They're also known for being able to take small leaps out of the water when catching small flies or mosquitoes. Like cichlids, killifishes are famous for their aggression and will eat smaller fish. However, when put in a tank with fish it can tolerate, this can be a beautiful, active member of any freshwater tank.

These are only a few African tropical fish to consider for your tank. When browsing for different fish of this variety, be sure to ask whether or not your fish are required dual helpings of both manufactured and live food. Given the active nature of many cichlids and others, it may be necessary to supply them with blood worms, brine shrimp, or even live flies and mosquitoes.

By introducing African tropical fish to your tank, you are entering the ranks of aquarium keepers who dare to feed and take care a few of the more aggressive, challenging species. In performing basic tank maintenance, keeping watch over their diet, and monitoring any breeding habits, you will be able to enjoy your tropical fish for years to come. Learn more today!

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