Are you interested in the different classes of tropical fish? Whether you're considering a freshwater or saltwater tank, you have a wide assortment to choose from! Here are a few examples of the different types of tropical fish available.

When it comes to identifying the different classes of tropical fish, freshwater species tend to be the most prominent in beginner tanks. For example, tetras are a common presence in many tanks due to their overall heartiness and brilliant colors. Similar in shape and size are guppies. These types of tropical fish are also beneficial in that they're schooling fish, which allows you to keep several different colors in the same tank.

Another one of the different classes of tropical fish include aggressive carnivores such as Siamese fighting fish, cichlids, and killifishes.Clown Knifefish These are gorgeous additions to any tank, but you have to be careful about what kind of fish to include with them. Smaller fish, such as tetras, are likely to be eaten, while other species of fish may suffer severe attack from these fish. In researching what kinds of fish are compatible with these predators, however, they can be a largely harmless member of your tank. One of the fun things about owning larger carnivores is that they often eat live or freeze dried food, such as mosquito larvae, blood worms, and brine shrimp. Some fish owners even catch livemosquitoes or flies for their fish to enjoy.

As for freshwater fish, there are a wide selection of different classes of tropical fish. These include potentially dangerous fish such as lion fish, puffer fish, or tangs, all of which have sharp fins or spines for protection. However, as these fish rarely use these implements except for when they're under stress, they aren't impossible to house with other tropical fish.

Other interesting tank creatures include animals that that aren't fish at all, but are delightful additions to any tank. These include octopi, cuttlefish, peacock mantis shrimps, crabs, eels, starfish, and more. While feeding these creatures can mean a bit more work for you, it's more than worth it to be able to be able to include these creatures in your environment.

These are only a few of the different classes of tropical fish. By consulting your local fish store, you can observe a wide selection of gorgeous tropical fish, tanks, plants, and other accessories. Learn more about the different classes of tropical fish today!

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