Are you starting a new tank? Buying live tropical fish for your tank can be quite an adventure. However, it's important to be careful, as buying the wrong fish can completely disrupt the delicate world you've created. Whether you have a freshwater tank or a saltwater tank, the same rules apply. Here are a few tips to consider when buying live tropical fish.

Did you know that many live tropical fish are sold as babies or juveniles? This means that their color, behavior, or even size can change as they age. This is an important thing to consider when introducing it to your tank. After all, some species that may seem quite small as young fish can grow rather large as adults. This is a common mistake many make when choosing an unfamiliar species—months pass and suddenly their new fish is too big for their tank.

When buying live tropical fish, it's a good idea to gradually build toward having several types of fish in your tank. These include bottom feeders, middle dwellers, and surface dwellers. Not only will this bring a nice sense of symmetry to your tank, but it will also work wonders for keeping the ecosystem balanced as each fish performs its own role.

Be sure to keep the dietary requirements of live tropical fish firmly in mind as well. Avoid buying smaller fish if you have a large carnivore or omnivore in your tank. Also resource our live tropical fish thoroughly to make sure you're buying fish that are compatible with one another. An aggressive fish can greatly disrupt the tank's overall health as fish are reduced to stressed, infection prone creatures from constant attacks from the territorial fish. Additionally, if you buy fish that normally belong in schools, be sure to have at least a small group of them in your tank. Not only is a solitary school dwelling fish a sad sight indeed, but it's more susceptible to accidents or illness.

Finally, when browsing for live tropical fish, avoid stores that have sick or dead fish in their tanks. This is a sign of neglect. Quality stores at least label tanks with sick fish in them and make an attempt to treat the disease in a timely, efficient manner. Good live fish stores also keep their tanks spotlessly clean and never overcrowd them. Learn more today about what to look for in live tropical fish! In following these tips, you can make adding a new creature to your tank a fun and rewarding experience.

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