Tetra tropical fish are renowned for being one of the first choices for new fish tank owners across the country. These school dwelling fish are certainly an attractive species. What many don't realize is that they're quite fascinating as well. Did you know that tetra tropical fish are in the same family as the piranha? Native to the warm waters of South America, these tiny fish are an ideal addition to any freshwater tank. Here are a few tips on how to care for these amazing creatures.

Picking the right tetra tropical fish for your tank can be something of a challenge. Their temperaments range from the gentle, shy rummy nosed tetra to the territorial black widow tetra. In addition to their wide range of moods, these school dwelling fish are typically required to live in odd numbered schools, lest their behavior change drastically.

Picking neon tetra tropical fish that interact well with one another is difficult enough for many, but finding other species of fish that are compatible with them can be quite an ordeal as well. Given the small size of these fish, it's not a good idea to put them in a fish containing larger carnivores, such as cichlids. Some classic fish species that interact very well with tetras include rasboras, guppies, angel fish, and rainbow fish.

As tetra tropical fish are omnivorous, you'll need to feed them a plant substitute if you don't want them to nibble any live plants in your aquarium. That aside, feeding tetra tropical fish is a largely undemanding process—most of the time they take simple processed flakes or pellets.

While tetra tropical fish are fairly hardy, there are some species that are very sensitive to water changes. With this in mind, it's easy to see why regular tank maintenance is crucial. Most of the time, procedures such as tank cleaning, feeding, and filter changing are all relatively simply as long as you know what you're doing and you keep a regular habit of it. In keeping a close eye on your fish, you can also catch any irregular behavior that may be a sign of disease, stress, or other conditions, allowing you to treat your fish before it gets worse.

A popular, beautiful fish, tetras are a welcome addition to almost any tank. As long as you keep their requirements firmly in mind, you should be able to care for these small creatures quite easily indeed. Learn more today!

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