Are you thinking of starting a tropical fish aquarium? If so, you are embarking on an amazing adventure! There are few things more satisfying than being able to create your own little window into freshwater and saltwater worlds. Here are a few tips to get started setting up your tank.

Before purchasing the fish for your tropical fish aquarium, it's important that you have the essentials at hand. You can begin by picking out gravel. These range in shape, size, and color, allowing you to enjoy the natural look of a real tropical setting or a wild, crazy color scheme depending on your personal tastes. However, when adding gravel to your tank water, it's important to let the tank sit for a day or so to let the dust in the gravel settle.

Once that is done, you're ready to purchase accessories for your tropical fish aquarium. These include plants, driftwood, large stones, and small decorations. These are useful in a variety of ways, as they not only take up space, but they also provide places for your fish to sleep or hide. However, when picking out plants, be sure that you don't plan on buying herbivorous fish if you plan on buying real plants, as the fish will rapidly consume them. There are a wide range of fake plants available, from wild neon designs to startlingly lifelike fronds, but be sure before you buy that they are of good quality, lest you inadvertently poison your tank with dyes and chemicals.

You will also need a quality heater and filter for your tropical fish aquarium. Most tanks function well at approximately 77 degrees Fahrenheit. If you can afford it, be sure to purchase a heater that comes with a memory function. This will help considerably in preventing extreme temperature fluctuations. Meanwhile, your filter will help cleanse your tank of fish waste, rotting plant materials, and other contaminants between tank cleanings.

Once you have these essentials, it's time for the truly fun part. Picking out your fish is an exciting part of any aquarium set up. However, while it is appealing to have a tank full of jewel bright beauties, you should make sure that they're suitable for your tank first.

For example, many tropical fish are aggressive, to the point where they will attack fishes even outside their own species. A classic example of this is the Siamese fighting fish. If you plan on including one of these in your tropical fish tank, be sure to include other fish that are compatible with the Siamese fighting fish. Additionally, if you purchase fish that travel in schools, such as neon tetras, be sure to purchase several of them. Depending on the species, you will need to buy either an odd numbered school or an even numbered school. In keeping these considerations in mind and more, you will soon be on your way to keeping a beautiful tropical fish aquarium!

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