A high quality tropical fish store is a godsend to any aquarium owner. There is nothing quite like being able to depend on staff members who are educated about the care and feeding of fish. Additionally, a quality fish store should have a wide selection of different foods, plants, decorations, tank sizes, and other products. Unfortunately, there are many fish stores that are more about selling fish than they are about doing what is best for the fish. Here are a few tips on what to look for in a great tropical fish store.

A good way to test out a tropical fish store is to simply wander around a bit inside. This typically takes more than one visit to learn for sure. Do you note that the store seems to lose more fish to disease than they do by actually selling them? Do you notice any dirty or overcrowded tanks? Do the fish seem overly stressed? Do you see larger fish that are in tanks that are too small for them? These are typical signs of fish neglect and should be an instant turn off for any serious fish owner.

A note on sick fish: Finding tanks with sick fish in them is an inevitable experience for almost any tropical fish store. However, the difference between a good store and a bad store is that typically a good store will label these tanks as unfit for buying from, while a bad store will simply let the tank be. Additionally, a good fish tank store will check their tanks regularly and quickly remove any dead fish and other visible contaminants from them.

The staff at a tropical fish store are also important. Ideally, they should be well educated and accustomed to working with fish. This is especially crucial if you are new to keeping fish and have questions. If the staff have no idea regarding which fish are compatible with others, for example, it's a sign that it's time to leave and seek service elsewhere. While fish store staff are not vets, they should also be able to identify and recommend treatment for various diseases as well.

Once you've found an ideal tropical fish store, you'll understand just how nice it is to be able to have someone to go to with questions regarding food, live plants, gravel types, water adjustments, cleaning techniques, and more. Learn more today about how a high quality fish store can drastically affect the quality of your aquarium!

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