Buying wholesale tropical fish isn't always easy. Regardless of whether your tank is freshwater or salt water, buying from the wrong store can result in complete tank chaos. Here are a few tips on what to look for in wholesale tropical fish sellers.

When scoping out a new fish store, there are a variety of different things to look for. Learning whether or not the store is a quality one may take a few visits, though there are a few instant turn offs that should send any dedicated fish owner scurrying for the door. These include dirty, neglected tanks, tanks with obviously sick or dying fish that haven't been labeled as a sick fish tank, or fish tanks that are overcrowded or full of fish that are simply too large to thrive there.

If your wholesale tropical fish store reveals that it takes care of its fish, there are other things to consider. Are the staff well educated? There is a difference between a staff member who will recommend different foods, plants, and even fish based on educated facts and an employee who is just trying to sell you something. A good fish store worker will inform you if he or she thinks that your purchasing decision is ideal for the overall health and safety of your tank. They will also be able to give you advice regarding disease treatments, introducing new fish, and much more.

Finally, a good wholesale tropical fish store should be diverse. Many quality stores contain both saltwater and freshwater tanks. This is especially ideal if you're looking for a creature that is particularly rare or difficult to take care of, but even if you're a new tank owner, having a wide selection of fish, shrimp, crabs, and other creatures is ideal for introducing you to species you may have never learned about otherwise.

Similarly, if you check out a wholesale tropical fish store that specializes solely in saltwater products, be sure that the store is well stocked with different salts, live rock, well developed coral polyps, and more. As with freshwater stores, be sure that the contents of the tank look healthy. A good sign that you have encountered healthy, happy fish is that they are darting around energetically or making use of the sleeping or hiding places within their tank. If you encounter fish that look listless and unhealthy, or live rock that is covered in brown mold, it's time to check other wholesale tropical fish stores. Learn more today!

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